Re: User Interface Markup Language (UIML)


Thank you for your interest in the Multimodal Interaction Working
Group. According to our understanding, XUL is a language pioneered by 
Mozilla. However, for graphical UI's, the W3C's stand is to encourage 
Web developers to use XForms (
Many ideas in XUL are addressed by the XForms data model, UI components 
(form control), and XForms actions. Areas in XUL that XForms does not 
define can be supplemented by CSS, or even XSL-FO, both are also W3C 

Based on a WWW-8 (Toronto, 1999) paper on UIML (title: UIML: An 
appliance-independent XML user interface language), it seems to be 
more related to the Device Independence (DI) (
group of the W3C than to Multimodal Interaction. UIML was submitted by 
its authors to OASIS and there is an UIML TC. The DI group has looked at 
it -- but not done anything with it to the best of our knowledge since 
XHTML+XForms fulfills a lot of their needs at present.

(This message is a consolidation of information provided by group members 
Kuansan Wang and T. V. Raman.)

I hope that this information answers your question. Please feel free to
follow up if you have additional questions about this topic. 

best regards, 

Debbie Dahl, MMI WG Chair

Received on Wednesday, 18 June 2003 09:14:54 UTC