Summary of Multimodal Working Group face to face meeting

This is a summary of the Multimodal Working Group's recent face
to face meeting in Tampere, Finland.

The W3C Multimodal Interaction (MMI) Working Group held its third face to
face meeting in Tampere, Finland, September 25-27, hosted by Nokia.
There were 37 attendees from 30 organizations.

The major result from the meeting was the development of
the group's publication schedule for the planned
set of MMI documents -- multimodal interaction framework,
events in multimodal interaction, input annotation (EMMA),
and ink markup.

See [1] for schedule details.

Other topics:

1. Review and move forward Working Group efforts in specific
areas, including
      -- EMMA -- representation and annotation of input
         (EMMA stands for 'Extensible MultiModal Annotation', a
	 continuation of the NLSML [2]work done earlier in the Voice
	 Browser Working Group).
      -- event handling for MMI -- The detailed use case analysis
	 discussion which began at the June MMI face to face meeting
	 [3] has motivated a large set of events which must be handled to support
	 use cases. These events are currently being categorized and analyzed.
      -- representation of ink input--The ink subgroup is currently
	 developing requirements for an ink markup language which will
	 be published as a specification by the MMI group.
      -- MMI requirements-- the group divided into task forces to look
	 in detail at "must-have" requirements. The discussion stimulated
	 some updates which will be reflected in the requirements when they are
2. Demonstrate applications which use multimodal interaction:
Multimodal demonstrations were presented by Kirusa (SALT and XHTML+Voice),
Microsoft (SALT), IBM (XHTML+Voice, Toyohashi University (using XISL --
Interaction Scenario Language) and Canon.
3. Learn about related activities:
There was an informative presentation on the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)
4. Plan for future meetings:
The next face to face meeting will be held in Washington D.C.,
December 9-11, hosted by Cisco. This meeting will be followed by a 2-day
face to face meeting for the ink subgroup on December 12 and 13.
The following face to face meeting will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts,
(March 6-7, 2003), hosted by the W3C, in conjunction with the annual W3C
Technical Plenary Meeting.


Deborah Dahl
Chair, Multimodal Interaction Working Group

Received on Monday, 28 October 2002 13:43:56 UTC