Communicating ActiveX Controls to sinchronize MPEG streams

I've implemented an ActiveX Control using Microsoft's DirectShow API 
to play audio/video URL.
Now, I'm thinking about using more than a control in a web page and 
do some sinchronization between them.
So far, I've done it using JavaScript. I get the frame number from 
one control and I pass it to the other one. It seems to be not as 
fast as I would like.

Is there any way of communicating directly between them  (any 
interface, using Winsock... )  ?

Any comment or suggestion is wellcome.

Thank you in advance.
Sergio Ortiz
Proyectista Departamento Telematica UPV
03013 Alicante(Spain)

Received on Friday, 27 February 1998 05:30:29 UTC