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ALGOSENSORS 04: Preliminary Program

From: Sotiris Nikoletseas <nikole@cti.gr>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 11:49:11 +0300 (EEST)
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1st International Workshop
on Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks


July 16, 2004, Turku, Finland.

In conjunction with ICALP 2004.

Preliminary Program

Friday, July 16, 2004

Session 1 (Chair: Sotiris Nikoletseas)

08:30-08:40: Opening (J. Rolim and S. Nikoletseas)

08:40-09:20: V. Prasanna,
"Algorithm Design and Optimization for Sensor Systems"
Invited Talk

09:20-09:45: J. Aspnes, D. Goldenberg and Y. R. Yang, "On the Computational
Complexity of Sensor Network Localization"

09:45-10:10: M. Achir and L. Ouvry, "Probabilistic Model for Energy
Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks"

10:10-10:35: S. P. Fekete, A. Kroller, D. Pfisterer, S. Fischer and C.
Buschmann, "Neighborhood-Based Topology Recognition in Sensor Networks"

10:35-10:50: Coffee break

Session 2 (Chair: TBA)

10:50-11:15: M. Enachescu, A. Goel, R. Govindan and R. Motwani, "Scale Free
Aggregation in Sensor Networks"

11:15-11:40: P. Leone and J. Rolim, "Towards a Dynamical Model for Wireless
Sensor Networks"

11:40-12:05: G. Stupp and M. Sidi, "The Expected Uncertainty of Range Free
Localization Protocols in Sensor Networks"

12:05-12:30: A. Boukerche, R. Werner, N. Pazzi and R. B. Araujo, "A
Supporting Protocol to Periodic, Event-Driven and Query-Based Application
Scenarios for Critical Conditions Surveillance"

12:30-13:40: Lunch Break

Session 3 (Chair: TBA)

13:40-14:05: C. H. Papadimitriou and D. Ratajczak, "On a Conjecture Related
to Geometric Routing"

14:05-14:30: A. El-Hoiydi and J. D. Decotignie, "WiseMAC: An Ultra Low Power
MAC Protocol for Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks"

14:30-14:55: C. Mauricio, S. Figueiredo, E. F. Nakamura and A. A. F.
Loureiro, "Multi: A Hybrid Adaptive Dissemination Protocol for Wireless
Sensor Networks"

14:55-15:10: Break

Session 4 (Chair: Christian Schindelhauer)

15:10-15:35: T. Herman and S. Tixeuil, "A Distributed TDMA Slot Assignment
Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks"

15:35-16:00: T. Dimitriou and A. Kalis, "Efficient Delivery of Information
in Sensor Networks Using Smart Antennas"

16:00-16:25: B. Hong and V. Prasanna, "Constrained Flow Optimization with
Applications to Data Gathering in Sensor Networks"

16:25-16:50: E. Falck, P. Floreen, P. Kaski, J. Kohonen and P. Orponen,
"Balanced Data Gathering in Energy-Constrained Sensor Networks"

16:50-17:10: Coffee Break

Session 5 (Chair: Jose Rolim)

17:10-17:50: P. Spirakis, "Algorithmic and Foundational Aspects of Sensor
Systems", Invited Talk

17:50-18:15: E. Chavez, S. Dobrev, E. Kranakis, J. Opatrny, L. Stacho and J.
Urrutia, "Route Discovery with Constant Memory in Oriented Planar Geometric

18:15-19:00: Open Problems/Future Directions (Moderators: V. Prasanna and P.

19:00-... : "Wine and Cheese" Party
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