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Location-Based Apps Mailing List

From: Bryan Morgan <bryan@wirelessdevnet.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:11:23 -0500
Message-ID: <001801c0056b$0a2350a0$477a1118@pnscla1.fl.home.com>
To: <www-mobile@w3.org>
Greetings.  I wanted to announce a new mailing list sponsored by
WirelessDevNet.com and the GeoCommunity.  The topics will be location-based
services development, mobile commerce, and tangential issues (security,
privacy, etc.).

To subscribe, email mobilelbslist-subscribe@wirelessdevnet.com

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Bryan Morgan
Managing Editor, WirelessDevNet.com
Received on Sunday, 13 August 2000 17:10:31 UTC

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