largeop and stretchy ops


i'd like a clarification about <mo> operators that can be both largeop 
and stretchy according to the spec. it seems to me that the same
having both largeop and stretchy specified is either conflicting or
redundant. for example, <mo>&Vee;</mo> has by default both largeop and
to be set. am i right in assuming that in displaystyle, 
a larger version of &Vee; is to be used no matter whether the stretchy
is explicitly set or not ? in that case, even in non-displaystyle are we
supposed to use the normal size ignoring the stretchy attribute ?
i am trying to figure out when should the stretchy attribute have any
on the operator if largeop is not to be ignored in both display and
in TeX, operators that are "largeop"'s (eg. sum, prod, vee, ...)
and operators that can stretch (eg. (,),[,],...)
are separate groups and not mixed together. i am wondering if the
of the mathml rec have found examples where it is useful to mix the two
and if so how are these two attributes meant to interact with each other

- shyjan