Re: DOM WG comments on the MathML 2 Last Call

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for your last call comments on MathML 2.  I am doing the
corrections in chapter 7.  This message is just for information, to
document the change.

> Chapter 7:
> "class, id, style 
>                 Provided for style sheet and DOM compatibility."
> What does "DOM compatibility" mean here? By "style sheet", do you mean 
> "cascading style sheet"?

The reference to "DOM compatibility" was erroneous, and it has been
removed.  The meaning of "stylesheet" was intentionally ambiguous,
since class, id and style are useful for both CSS and XSL processing.
However, to clarify, I changed the text to read:

      class, id, style
              Provided for [CSS2] compatibility, and for use with XSL
              processing (See [Chapter 5]).


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