MathML Internet Media Type

According to 7.1.3 of MathML 2.0 Draft, "... beginning with MathML 2.0, we 
suggest instead using the less-regulated experimental MIME type text/x-

This is not in sync with the Section 9.16 of the "Internet Media Types" Draft's 
suggestion for MathML documents' MIME content-type identifier of 
"application/mathml|xml" at 


The previous version of this draft appeared in December 1999 
(http://www.simonstl.com/idxmlmime/draft-murata-xml-02.htm) and
suggested the identifier "application/mathml-xml" for MathML.

Efforts towards XML media types have been in place for more than two 
years since the draft by E. J. Whitehead, Jr. first appeared on April 24, 
1998 (ftp://ftp.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-whitehead-mime-xml-00.txt). 
Since then, it has changed authorship, and to a certain extent the scope.
However, it is unfortunate that even the structure of the identifier is 
not settled upon. 

I suppose the Math WG's suggestion should be considered authoritative. (It 
would be nice to see a harmonization/convergence of these differences 

Pankaj Kamthan