Re: Comments on MathML Last Call Draft (cont'd)

> The description at http://www.w3.org/Math/DTD/ mentions that a typical
> use of MathML 1.0 DTD is:

Yes but that was intended to indicate the typical access to _that_
particular online copy of the dtd, the normal use (in the absence of any
standard catalog system for xml) would, i would guess, be to take the zip
file unpack it locally and use a local SYSTEM relative file uri.
Thus the copies in the zip files suggest  doing just that, and don't
currently suggest any absolute uri to the dtd.

I don't know. Perhaps for the rec version should suggest the absolute 
URI to the version of the DTD that will be in the dtd subdirectory
of the draft, in any case the comments need to make sure that it is
clear people can use whatever SYSTEM URI they like.

(I'll let somone else comment on your chapter 7 notes)