Attribute Name Conflicts in IDL Interfaces for MathML DOM

In reference to Lauren Wood's comments 
on interface MathMLElement, it is mentioned that: 

"There is a conflict between this style attribute and the style attribute 
used by the CSS OM in DOM Level 2 [1]. You should rename this attribute 
to support the ElementCSSInlineStyle interface."

This may be a generic problem of attribute name conflicts in situations where 
MathML interacts with another W3C initiative and renaming may be necessary 
to support desired interfaces from other initiatives. In particular, 7.1 focusses 
"on the mechanics of embedding MathML in XHTML." Now, XHTML 1.0 
documents can utilize applications that rely upon either the HTML DOM or the 
XML DOM (http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/#xhtml). HTML DOM (either Level 1 or 
2, though Level 2 is used below) vs. MathML DOM interfaces seem to have 
more than one attribute name conflicts:

1. "rows" attribute.


interface HTMLTableElement : HTMLElement {
readonly attribute HTMLCollection rows;

interface HTMLFrameSetElement : HTMLElement {
attribute DOMString rows;

(Doesn't the above lead to a conflict within HTML DOM itself?)


interface MathMLTableElement: MathMLPresentationElement {
readonly attribute MathMLDocumentFragment rows;

2. "form" attribute.


interface HTMLIsIndexElement : HTMLElement {
readonly attribute HTMLFormElement form;


interface MathMLOperatorElement: MathMLPresentationToken {
attribute DOMString form;

Hope this is of some use.

Pankaj Kamthan