Re: Reservations about <mchar>

Robert Miner wrote:
> Hi.
> Your message gave me a thought.  You wrote:
> > I was inclined toward not deprecating the entities, and waiting a little
> > bit before considering introducing <mchar>.
> How about a compromise where we don't deprecate entities, but
> introduce <mchar> as new in 2.0?

Since the functionalities will be duplicated, there is not
really great motivation at introducing it at the moment.

I will venture to "remember" another suggestion... "Making"
a suggestion is harder than just making reservations :-)
Fortunately, this time, I am just "remembering"...

I remember David once made a suggestion on the mozilla-mathml
newsgroup to the effect that <math> should have the special
feature that it causes the MathML entities to be auto-registered.

If <math> is treated in such a special way defined by the MathML
REC, then authors will not have to fiddle with the <!DOCTYPE when
pasting a MathML fragment (except, of course, if they use non-standard
entity names, or if they want to use a MathML entity before the
first occurence of <math>)

Is this option still open/valid?


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