Re: Comments on MathML Last Call Draft (cont'd)

> Here are some more comments on the MathML 2.0 Draft.
> Hope they are of some use.

Thanks yes, these seem valid comments, we'll try to take them into
account in the final editing stages for the CR draft.

I'll just comment on two of your specific points:

> "An SGML parser, such as nsgmls, can be used to validate MathML. In this 
> case an SGML declaration defining the constraints of XML applicable to an 
> SGML parser must be used."

Thanks for reminding us of this. Yes certainly now it should firstly
mention XML parsers, and then perhaps just as an alternative, mention
using an SGML parser togenther with the SGML declaration for XML.

> It seems that MathML 2.0 elements are missing from the EBNF grammar.
Yes, the grammar is currently still currently the version from mathml
1.01. It will be updated along with any final changes to the content
elements that may possibly result from comments in this last call