Re: Comments on MathML Last Call Draft

Hello all.

What a firestorm!  I choose to take a positive view, and read this as
indicating MathML is important enough now that people actually care,
and all this constructive criticism is going to make for a much beter
specification.   However, there is no denying we have a lot of work to

I made a list to help see what I had to do, but I figured it would be
of general interest:

Editorial and Typographical
1. general proofreading      (Susan Lesch to www-math)
2. edits in Ch 3, mathml     (Martin Durest to w3-math-wg)
     character language
3. proofreading in Ch 4	     (Stephane to the w3-math-wg)
4. inverse hyperbolic names  (Leszek Sczaniecki to www-math)
5. a couple Ch 5 corrections (Sharon Adler to www-math)
6. table formatting, and     (Martin Duerst)
     remove historical stuff
6. correction to Ch 7	     (Lauren Wood to www-math)
7. corrections to Ch 8       (Lauren Wood to www-math)

Content Issues
I haven't been following too closely, but I see there are several
discussions with the 'general public' on www-math that need to be
resolved.  In particular, there is the <bvar> thread.

DOM (Lauren Wood to www-math)
1. should be normative
2. needs IDL interface
3. use Level 2   
4. lots of technical changes

1. Use CSS attribute syntax  (Daniel Dardailler and Hakon Lie)

1. Eliminate <mchar>	     (RBS from mozilla, Martin Duerst, others)
2. Provisional Unicode chars (Martin)
3. <mglyph> redesign	     (Martin)
4. alphabetic chars	     (Martin)
5. non-English math          (Martin)

1. Test suite and validator  (Luis Alvarez)

If I am missing anything major, maybe someone could post that.  (I
don't count our friend Thomas Cool...)  I have more thoughts on
specific topics which I'll send separately.


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