[question]searching mathematical

Hello, I'm Hyun-Joo Cho. I work for R & D team in KDPC(Korea Database Pormotion Center).<BR>
My interest is standardization of mathematical information retrieval;<BR>
standardization of way of searching mathematical information(search qurery)and the notation in IR, etc.<BR>
MathML is very interesting and helful for representation of mathematics<BR>
but I' couldn't understand MathML application would be used for retrieval.<BR>
"MathML' objects may be exchanged between various software tools" means<BR>
user can send search queries represented MathML, and web browsers display<BR>
search results representd MathML. Is this right?<BR>
I'm sorry to bother you with question.<BR>
Sincerely Yours, <BR>
Hyun-Joo Cho<PRE><font size=2 color=#7080aa></font></PRE><A HREF=http://mail.altavista.co.kr><IMG SRC=http://mail.altavista.co.kr//k/logo/slowlycho.24537956191386592 BORDER=0></A>&nbsp;--- This e-mail was sent by FREE Altavista Mail System at http://altavista.co.kr/ ---