file format for 3D geometry


For our project of making botanical data available on Internet, we need 3D images. We need a compact, non proprietary, preferably  XML, clean definition for complex 3D geometries.

A representation both compact and flexible should be based on  mathematics. We can have reunions and intersections of volumes defined by equations:


NURBS and Beziers patches are just special cases of surfaces defined by 3 functions R2 ---> R3

(u,v) ---> (X(u,v),Y(u,v),Z(u,v))

A solution is to use the content part of  World Wide Web's MathML . I have reviewed it: it has the desired capabilities, i.e. allows to define functions and sets, it is XML.

More details on our site:


This need for a compact, non proprietary, preferably XML, clean definition for complex 3D geometries is common with other important domains:

CAD is a very important domain that has currently no XML non-proprietary language. The current non-XML formats, IGES, STEP, etc, are not satisfactory for a number of reasons. It seems that the proposed solution could bring an interesting synergy.

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