Equation Editor in MathML

I'm new to this mailing list. I'm also new to the MathMl. I am currently
working in a project of developing an equation editor. This editor supposed
to be in Arabic. Anyway, I thought of different ways to achieve a solution
to my project, either to use a Visual Basic by dawning each function or
using Java. I thought also of using Methyl and by making an interpreter in
Java with a user interface. This interpreter capable of generating a MathMl
code then show it in the browser. This is just an idea I didn't implement it
yet. I join this mailing list to have support from u guys. Please if anyone
had an idea of making the equation editor(not necessary to be in Arabic)
either using MathMl or any other way just help me out. Also, if u know some
sites, or a programs(with source code) that already started with the idea
similar to what I thought of please send me that addresses. Which Browser
support MathMl and dos IE5 does that?

My regards.