Picture Content for Websites

Dear Sir,

I wonder if I can take a minute of your time. We are a European professional glamour studio, and are 
currently looking at the demand for legal or licenced picture content. This is aimed at webmasters, adult 
orientated sites and web design companies. The pictures are supplied on CD-ROM.

We have already contacted a small number of contacts, and if you are one of these, please accept my 
apologies. Our present aim is in trying to build a select small list of webmasters and Internet related clients 
(such as web design companies) who may be interested in our images. We are contacting you, as we 
believe you fall into this category in some way.

The quality is the same as the high quality men's magazines, and the styles range from clothed glamour to 
hard core. All models are over 18, although we do not photograph homosexual, underage or overly 
"bizarre" material. As you may know, we are very open-minded in Europe. We can also arrange a low cost 
custom shoot, if required. It is our intention to keep the prices reasonable.

If you are interested, you can inform us of your potential interest by replying to the email address - 
medialord100@yahoo.com. You can add a subject title like "interested" if you wish.

We are planning to put this material on a website fro easy viewing and online purchase, but would rather 
avoid the random mailing method often called "spam". This explains our communication now - to make sure 
we do not send mail to people who do not want it.

Thank you for your time, and I hope we will hear from you in the near future.


PS - Any email we do receive is kept confidential and internal.