RE: Method to get math to the most people?

Ian Hutchinson wrote:

>MathML does not work with any popular browser yet, and there seems little
>prospect of it being incorporated soon into IE.

Depends what you mean by soon, and on what degree of typographic perfection
you require of the rendering. I know of at least one company that has worked
on stylesheets for MathML in IE5 and believe this work has progressed
substantially, although not yet available. IE5 has many excellent built in
facilities and I believe it is perfectly feasible to create stylesheets to
render much common mathematics in typical daily use. (I am thinking of
engineering and technical maths rather than very high level academic stuff)
I would think that such stylesheets would become more generally available
the next year - if for no other reason than if they do not I will probably
construct one myself !)

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MathML does not work with any popular browser yet, and there seems little
prospect of it being incorporated soon into IE.

There are several types of interim solutions discussed at
The best (IMHO) is

Another (out of date) list is at the bottom of the W3C MathML page:
(called related software).

	Ian Hutchinson, Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT.

On Sat, 18 Dec 1999, Erik Gillespie wrote:

> What is the best way currently (and months down the road for that matter)
> to get nicely formatted math to the largest number of people?  I've looked
> at many methods and I was hoping to use MathML, but I'd like have the math
> viewable in Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 4.61 and up.  Currently I
> can't get MathML to work with IE5 even though I heard it's supposed to
> work if you use namespaces.  What's the best method to use to get math to
> the largest amount of people?
> Also, where is a good site to explain how to get MathML using namespaces
> to work in IE5?  Something must be wrong with the way I'm trying to do it
> now because it doesn't work.
> Thanks a lot,
> Erik

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