Re: Marking up Temporal Logic

>> What operators do you need?  I am unfamiliar with first order temporal
>> logic.  

Lots of boxes both white and black, possibly rotated through 45 degrees,
and possibly having a  circle of the contrasting colour in the middle.
(If the original poster is in the same area of TL as I once once

The temporal logicians I knew mainly used a set of symbols constructed
from either latex picture mode or a home grown type3 font. Most
latex->html programs would be distinctly unhappy converting this to

> (On this point: has anyone done the interesting exercise of using this
> approach to make a dvi that is suited mainly for translation back to
> TeX [or LaTeX] with reasonable equivalence to the original?)

One of the examples Gurari/Rahtz transform to is an XML DTD that is
essentially a XML rendition of latex article, so yes, you could
transform from that back to tex if you wished.


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