Re: Marking up Temporal Logic

On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, William F. Hammond wrote:
> The use of numeric codes like this, whether hexadecimal or decimal,
> became unacceptable practice about the time that the use of punch card
> readers became unacceptable -- long before SGML was a gleam.
> Of course, it does work.  And realistically, with much of what is out
> there, it may be the only thing that works.  That is, if you wish to
> have unicode chars in your web, you need to "punt".
> But I would not go there.
> The name tables (cf. the W3C reference) are there for a reason.

Not every Unicode character have named entities.  Many mathematical
operators have no named entity.  Assuming you don't have a Unicode capable
editor, numeric entities are the only way to access these characters.
> (It's really not an AND operator.  Rather "&...;" is SGML and XML
> notation for an "entity".)

Sorry I guess I mean AND-operator character.

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