Re: Marking up Temporal Logic

"Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor" <roconnor@undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca>

> Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 11:59:57 -0400 (EDT)
> Characters can be added with hexidecimal entities (such as &#x2227; for
> the AND operator) or the better supported decimal entites (such as
> &#8743; for the AND operator).  Some entities can be named entities (such
> as &and; for the AND operator).

The use of numeric codes like this, whether hexadecimal or decimal,
became unacceptable practice about the time that the use of punch card
readers became unacceptable -- long before SGML was a gleam.

Of course, it does work.  And realistically, with much of what is out
there, it may be the only thing that works.  That is, if you wish to
have unicode chars in your web, you need to "punt".

But I would not go there.

The name tables (cf. the W3C reference) are there for a reason.

(It's really not an AND operator.  Rather "&...;" is SGML and XML
notation for an "entity".)

                                  -- Bill Hammond