Re: Marking up Temporal Logic


What operators do you need?  I am unfamiliar with first order temporal

As far as ways and means go, if you really meant a *Web document*, as
opposed to the pseudo-paper PDF route that Fateman advocates, then
your best strategy at the moment is still to make images of your

Netscape and Microsoft are working on MathML implementations, but
they aren't there yet, so unless you really want to know how to mark
up your equations as MathML, I won't go into that here.

For making images of equations, the MathType editor is a fine tool,
but you have to pay for it.  I'm not sure if the free version of
MathType (the Equation Editor that comes with MS Word) will do images,
but if you have it, you might check, since that would be quite easy.
If you are willing to sacrifice a little quality and polish, you can
grab a free 30-day version of the WebEQ equation editor at
http://www.webeq.com, and make your images.  (Unless temporal logic
uses unusual operators...)  Also, Mathematica 3.0 and higher can be
used as high-quality equation editor to make GIFs if you have it
available to you.

Back in the TeX world, there is the venerable LaTeX2HTML program, but
unless you have it installed and are familiar with it, it is
definitely not a *quick* way of making a couple of equation images.
another interesting alternative if you want to stick with TeX, but
don't want to mess with images or a mess of software installation, is
TeX2HTML, which uses a combination of HTML hacks and symbol fonts to
fake equations in pure HTML.  It usually turns out pretty well, and
you can try it free for 21 days.  I think you can even send in your
HTML files with embedded TeX by email and get your processed files
back by email.  The URL is http://www.tex2html.com.


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