Re: Marking up Temporal Logic

write your equations in TeX. Convert dvi to pdf and assume your
recipients have a (free) copy of Acrobat.

Easy, if you have the software and the (minimal) knowhow.

Alternatively, convert your stuff to a GIF.

Alternatively, convert to html and hope that your recipient's
browser has the right capabilities and fonts.  This is more
There are lots of people thinking about these alternatives,
but having looked at some of them, I suspect they will not
approach the pdf quality and general availability.

(You could avoid TeX and use (say) MS Word's Equation or
Mathtype or ... but then you should still convert to pdf.
By the way, it seems that pdf / acrobat reader recent versions
supports many features of browsers... links, etc. even plug-ins.

This may make it more interesting than our own efforts.
(Amaya as a browser may do xml math, but what about the restr
of the stuff done by Netscape etc.)
Richard Fateman