MathML 1999-07-07 Errata

An assumed misspelling of the parameter entity name: 

    %att-occurence;  (occurs in mathml.dtd on lines 320 and 355)

Shouldn't that be two r's? I note that in the version of the DTD marked 
up in HTML in the spec itself it is spelled 'occurrence'. Of course, 
this has no bearing on parsed output (hence fixing the errata should 
have minimal impact). I note that this error survives from the April 
7th draft.

Also, the new DTD uses relative systemIds for all of the ISO entity
sets. This is very unfortunate, as that requires that the entire
entity set be duplicated (since it is often already on many systems) 
and that it live in the same directory as the MathML DTD. Since there
are already publidIds available for those entity files, it would make
the MathML DTD a lot more portable if these were added to the entity
declarations in the DTD, such as changing:

  <!ENTITY % ent-isoamsa SYSTEM "isoamsa.ent" >


  <!ENTITY % ent-isoamsa PUBLIC 
     "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Arrow Relations"
     "isoamsa.ent" >

If the MathML entity set is not identical to the ISO files, then a 
suitable W3C version of these FPIs would suffice. Failing this, it
would even help if you put the entity files in a subdirectory, so 
that I could use a symbolic link to a common location, such as

  <!ENTITY % ent-isoamsa SYSTEM "entities/isoamsa.ent" >

BTW, thanks very much for eliminating the incompatibilities with XHTML.
I'll be creating a prototype MathML module and a DTD driver to test
out how this all works together as an extended XHTML document type.

Thanks for your consideration,


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