Re: Tutorials

> Hi,
> Elementary tutorials on MathML authoring/rendering using 
> Amaya, WebEQ, EzMath and techexplorer are available at 
> http://indy.cs.concordia.ca/mathml/main.html .
> Any feedback is most welcome.
> Pankaj Kamthan

You should probably add Mathematica Version 4 to your list.  V4 has been out
for about 1.5 months and supports both import and export of MathML.

For your list:
MathML support:
Generates presentation tags (programable so that content tags could be
generated).  Almost complete support for both presentation and content tags;
a very few of the more esoteric tags such as alignment are not supported.
[I don't think any application supports them at the moment]

Windows 9x/NT, Mac, most flavors of Unix

Commercial -- see www.wolfram.com

comes with installer

Uses Mathematica's WYSIWYG editor that includes (user-definable)
keyboard shortcuts and (user-definable) palettes.

Translator Language:
2D math -- enter the expression as you wish it to be seen, or enter it
in a linear Mathematica syntax and convert it to a 2D syntax.

If you need further information, you can contact me or technical support
at Wolfram Research.

	Neil Soiffer
	Wolfram Research