Re: New software coming soon

> I simply cannot rely on "α" as things are.

well, since this is the www-math (aka mathml) list you could always use
MathML with say techexplorer or webeq.

Alternatively if you want to stick with HTML browsers with no plugins
or java, you can abuse HTML like so:

<font face="symbol">a</font>

which will give you an alpha on systems that don't care that `symbol' is
not a latin 1 font. On systems (like X11) that do care, you can abuse the
system further and add 
Netscape*documentFonts.charset*adobe-fontspecific:   iso-8859-1
to your .Xdefaults

As far as I know this will work with even fairly ancient versions of
netscape (certainly version 3, probably version 2).