Re: Configuring Browsers for Symbols

The nearest thing I know for X is


and for Mac is

which make <font face=symbol> able to refer to the adobe symbol font.
But none of these can fix your rant because browsers don't support symbol
fonts by their MathML entity names.

	Ian Hutchinson, Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT. 

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, William F. Hammond wrote:

> (I'm picking up on a thread from August 1998.)
> Can anyone point to definitive directions for configuring major web
> browsers, say NetScape under both Windows and X11 and MSIE under
> Windows, to handle all glyphs that are available?
> I want reliable information to give to our computing staff so that my
> students will wind up with as many characters on their screens as
> possible.
> <rant>
> It is a problem for us that special configuration steps apparently
> still need to be taken.  After all, we've been handling our own needs
> for years.  If these characters are not now easily accessible to our
> students with HTML, they are not likely to be more so as XML capable
> browsers come in.
> For online student browsing it seems that I still need to render
> "<alpha/>" in HTML as "<b>alpha</b>" in order to be sure that I
> know with a high level of confidence what the student will see.
> I simply cannot rely on "&alpha;" as things are.
> </rant>
>                                    -- Bill