Re: Equating variables

> Sorry if the HTML format was confusing, I forgot to set the mailer to =
> plain text.

Your resend was also one of those nasty send-it-twice-as-HTML thingies, but
no matter, we'll survive:-)

> Relation tags do not work since they are supposed =
> to be rendered as true of false

No, relations are supposed to be rendered as equations, just as <apply>
renders a function application literally rather than trying to apply the
function. (In fact it is arguable that there is no difference at all in
meaning between <apply> and <reln>)

> I have seen another tag that was not mentioned in the MathML 
> documentation. (See http://irt.org/articles/js081/index.htm )  It is
> called <e>

WebEq uses (or did use?) this tag. It is essentially just the early
name for <reln> so it should not be used with any software that has been
updated to use the final W3C recommendation version of MathML1.0 rather
than one of the draft submissions.

> If right, this would be a simple solution for my mathematical content =
> evaluator.

I'd do that, but using <reln> rather than <apply>.