Re: XML/MML and XSL processors

Activated have some server side software that might be applicable. Take
a look at:

e-Lite (from ICEsoft) fully supports embedded MathML (<math> tag), but
doesnt do full client side XML (yet!).

Jeremy Cook
ICEsoft AS, and Parallab

David Sloan wrote:
> I am looking for a method of presenting mathemtical notation, but need to
> be able to present different sections of the maths differently.
> Is there any processeor available which will take a MML/XML document and
> apply any number of XSL style sheets to produce a HTML document.
> I've looked at Amaya, but it doesn't support MML fully (or am I wrong?),
> and will not display the symbols that I need.
> Replies via email would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> David Sloan