Re: MathML-Reduce Web Interface

Robert Miner writes:

:   <math>
:      <declare>
:         <ci>m</ci>
:         <matrix>
:            <matrixrow>
:               <cn type="integer">1</cn>
:               <ci>x</ci>
:            </matrixrow>
:            <matrixrow>
:               <cn type="integer">2</cn>
:               <ci>y</ci>
:            </matrixrow>
:         </matrix>
:      </declare>
:   </math>

and comments that <declare> does not require display.  (And why
should it?)

On the other hand, guessing that the "Reduce" user wants to see
something in this context (about which I am not clear), I would want
to look at the DTD (not close at hand) to see if there is an attribute
"forcedisplay" or perhaps just "force".

                                   -- Bill