Need A Car? Bad Credit or No Credit stopping you?

                   We appologize for this intrusion; however, in this
                   day and age when the economy is up one day and
                   down the next, when business is good and then bad,
                   when credit problems are a daily part of almost 
                   everyones life, and buying a car is a necessity for
                   life, we may have the answer you've been looking
                   for. We do our own financing ont the spot!
                   This offer is valid in California only. It is extremely
                   important to provide us with your name, address,
                   phone #, time on job, monthly income and amount
                   available for down payment. Incomplete information
                   will take longer to process. We look forward to your
                  Again if there is no interest, we appologize for the
                  inconvenience and ask you to deselect yourselves
                  from our mailing list.

                  This message complies with the proposed United States
                  Federal requirements for commercial email bill, section
                  301. For additional info see: www.senate.gov~murkow