Re: TrueType Fonts for MATH?

I have obtained the following official statement of Wolfram Research's policy
on fonts will soon be added to our web site.  To me, it is pretty clear about
what is and is not allowed in terms of our fonts:


Wolfram Research, Inc. ("WRI") licenses Mathematica fonts to  
individual users of Mathematica, Publicon, Publicon Demo version,  
and MathReader. The latter two products are free and available to  
anyone accessing WRI's website. Note, all fonts that come with WRI  
programs are copyright Wolfram Research, Inc. or its vendors. All  
rights reserved. WRI fonts are not in the public domain.

WRI reserves the right to control all distribution of the  
Mathematica fonts and does not, at this time, allow them to be  
widely distributed via any servers, archives, or non-WRI software  
products of any kind without express written consent of WRI. There  
are no restrictions on embedding the fonts in documents transmitted  
to service bureaus, publishers, or other users of WRI products.  
There are no restrictions on widely distributing metrics files  
generated from the Mathematica fonts.

Credit for use of the Mathematica fonts in a publication is not  
required but appreciated. If a publisher chooses to provide a  
credit, it should read: "Math symbols set in the Mathematica font  

TeX users may wish to access the Mathematica fonts in a manner  
similar to other TeX fonts. A LaTeX2e virtual font utility has been  
created by Jens-Peer Kuska and is available at:


A Mathematica font kit is in the works that will collect all the  
fonts (both TrueType and Type 1) used by WRI in various products,  
including The Mathematica Book, and other technical documents.  The  
kit will be announced on Wolfram Research web site.


I hope this clarifies whether you can use the fonts for your purposes.
As indicated, they are available in the free MathReader product,
and can be found in the SystemFiles/Fonts subdirectory of the
Mathematica directory.