Re: TrueType Fonts for MATH?

>Thank you, Robert, Rafael and Michael.
>I checked the fonts you have pointed, but ...
>As I understand Amaya and WebEq use only Symbol font for their math. And
>TechExplorer can use some commercial fonts. Is there really no
>freeware/shareware fonts for math symbols?
>    Kostya

Have you looked at the Mathematica fonts?  There are over 700 characters
in them, they are high-quality, professionally hinted true type fonts.
They are free for use, but can't be sold or distributed without permission
[that's my memory -- supposedly there is an official answer on Wolfram Research
FAQ page, but I didn't see it].  If you don't have Mathematica, you can
download MathReader for free (www.wolfram.com) and the fonts are part of that

On www.mathsource.com, there is some virtual font "stuff" so that you
can use the matematica fonts with LaTeX2e (and I assume, LaTeX3).

	Neil Soiffer