Re: Charset and MathML

Robert Miner wrote:
>On the other hand, what I believe the MathML WG was thinking was that
>MathML isn't really set up to handle blocks of text in any language,
>and from that point of view, putting Cyrillic characters in your
>equations is no more difficult than using Greek characters.

>As a developer, the one solution I do not like is thinking about
>remapping the 8-bit section to anything other than Latin 1...

Robert is no dought right. But then one should publish _all_ Unicod
entity names together with MathML manual. As I understand, Unicod
committee wants $59 for that table. Please tell me if I am wrong.


BTW How to resubscribe to this list? (I have finally got a regular
address and do not want to keep yahoo's one )
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