I don't understand

I don't understand the purpose of MathML.  Why is it necessary to introduce
and develop a whole new markup language to write up math when such
languages already exist?  Instead of trying to recreate the wheel, the W3
working group could extend and develop LaTex for the web.  This has already
been started in the form of <A
HREF="http://xxx.lanl.gov/hypertex/">HyperTex</A>.  Since most people who
compose math notation already know LaTex or AMS-LaTex, there would be no
need to learn a whole new language, just a few extensions.  The only thing
else that is required is that browsers support Tex.  Even this exists in
the form of the IBM Techexplorer plugin.

Combining HTML with Math notation could be done as follows:

	The square root of two: $\sqrt{2}$

Very simple.


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