Re: 'Bevel' fraction


We (Geometry Technologies) came across the lack of a "bevel" fraction
in MathML ourselves a while ago, and I tend to agree with Kostya that
this is just missing in MathML.

I think David correctly notes that

> Isn't raising fractions just a style issue to be decided by the render
> or style sheet, that is, couldn't the mathml
> <mrow>
>     <mi>a</mi>
>   <mo>/</mo>
>     <mi>b</mi>
> </mrow>
> be rendered as:
>     (like 'a/b', but letters are smaller then regular and 'a' is located
>     higher then 'b')
> without any special markup, if that is the style you want for inline fractions?

However, not only does this have the disadvantage of requiring
backtracking, as David points out, but it really just shifts the
problem, since then there is no way to distinguish between expressions

            n       (x+y) /
like (x+y)/2   and       /  n 
                        /  2

Lots of math layout engines allow both  (all three if you count
horizontal bars), TeX and MathType for example.

I like the idea of an attribute on fraction to select between
horizontal and slanted fraction bars.