Re: 'Bevel' fraction

Isn't raising fractions just a style issue to be decided by the render
or style sheet, that is, couldn't the mathml


be rendered as:

    (like 'a/b', but letters are smaller then regular and 'a' is located
    higher then 'b')

without any special markup, if that is the style you want for inline fractions?

(although that would have all the horrible features of tex's \over
command: requiring an arbitrary amount of backtracking once you find the
/ in order to raise the a. However that backtracing is needed anyway
because / is specified as stretchy in the operator dictionary, so its
size depends on the size of a. (Which incidentally means, I believe,
that DSSSL (never mind XSL) is not powerful enough to render MathML,
which is a shame.)