IBM techexplorer Version 2.0


The IBM techexplorer Hypermedia Browser, Version 2.0 is
now available. Below we include the announcement.


Bob and Angel


The Interactive Scientific Publishing group at
IBM Research is pleased to announce that the
Introductory Edition of the IBM techexplorer
Hypermedia Browser, Version 2.0 for Windows 95,
Windows NT, IBM AIX 4, Sun Solaris 2.5 and 2.6,
and SGI IRIX 6.2 is now available at no charge from


IBM's techexplorer Hypermedia Browser dynamically
formats and displays expressions and documents
containing mathematical, technical, and scientific

techexplorer is a plug-in for Netscape and
Microsoft Internet Explorer that processes a
large subset of TeX and LaTeX. This version
also contains basic support for some of the
presentation tags defined in the W3C Mathematical
Marup Language specification.

Version 2.0 of the Professional edition of techexplorer
is also available for purchase from several electronic
distribution channels. Visit


for more information. The Professional edition builds on
the Introductory  edition by adding:

   * A scripting interface for developers who wish to
     programmatically control techexplorer from Java or

   * An add-in interface for authors who want to
     interactively send information to other applications.

   * Printing of full documents displayed by techexplorer.

   * Searching, with all matches selected.



to obtain support and join other users and developers in
discussions about techexplorer.


Robert S. Sutor
Manager, Interactive Scientific Publishing
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Angel L. Diaz
Research Staff Member, Interactive Scientific Publishing
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center