Re: mistakes in manual

Hello, Robert.

> There are a couple of things to say here.  First, if you download
> WebEQ, from 
>     http://www.webeq.com
> you can generate examples for yourself.  There are still a few
> non-standard things about it, but its pretty good.
> Second, Ross Moore has recently been adding MathML support to
> LaTeX2HTML.  It still uses WebEQ to generate the MathML, but it does
> some PERL pre-processing in order to translate true LaTeX into
> MathML.   You can check out his examples at
> http://www.geom.umn.edu/~ross/webtex/webtex
 Well, I tried it already. My problem is that I want some extra
explanation on some topics of manual.

E.g. how to render
<list order="numeric">
<cn type='complex-cartesian'> 1 <sep/> 0 </cn>
<cn type='complex-cartesian'> 0 <sep/> 1 </cn>
It is not a most complicated question I have.
May be there are some more examples from the editors of MML (w3c)?

And about WebEq: it knows almost none of content markup - it is a
half-functional program.


P.S. <mprescripts/> tag is not found in list of presentation tags
P.P.S. I am very sorry for my English. 
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