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Our 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art broadcast facility is located in 
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suntanning salon, a billiard lounge, girls locker room, a glass enclosed 
shower, bedroom and dominatrix theme sets and over fifty of South Florida's 
most beautiful entertainers. 

Using our proprietary software, customers can access our beautiful young 
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- The highest payout commission in the industry
- The quickest download available (A 360k file with an average download 
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- True full motion video with an incredible frame rate of over 15 frames 
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- Weekly payouts and no chargebacks

The girls are beautiful and the shows are fantastic! There is no charge for 
the software and all dial-up numbers are toll free... 

For a FREE demo, please visit:

<A HREF="http://www.ivginc.com">http://www.ivginc.com</A>

Should you have any questions or request additional information, you may 
contact me directly at (954) 978-2305. 


Michael Tiezzi
VP of Internet Marketing
Internet Video Group, Inc.
Ph: (954) 978-2305
email: michael@ivginc.com