Collapsing Whitespace in Input

I don't quite understand this whitespace issue.

(1) <mtext>Theorem 1: </mtext>

is equivalent to

(2) <mtext>Theorem 1:</mtext>

Section 2.3.5 says that if you want to have whitespace uncollapsed, then
you must use entities to escape it.

(3) <mtext>Theorem 1:&x20;</mtext>

won't work because to an SGML processor (1) and (3) are equivalent.

So this seems to leave

(4) <mtext>Theorem 1:&Space;</mtext>

as our only option.  This means that the DTD can't use

(5) <!ENTITY Space ' '>

because then (4) would become the same as (1).

So the entity Space has to be define as something else.  But I'm a little
unsure what.  Perhaps the best approach would be to define an SDATA
entity. The SGML process can turn the SDATA into a space after trimming
the whitespace from the element. (I actually don't know much about SDATA,
but it's use here seems appropriate) 

Does anyone have any comments to clarify the issue?

Russell O'Connor                           roconnor@uwaterloo.ca
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