RE: Complex conjugate

I agree that a case could be made for inclusion of a conjugate.
Furthermore, such inclusion is not a major piece of

I will defer to Patrick for comments on the review/editorial
issues, but once again, thanks for the feedback.

Stan Devitt
Waterloo Maple.

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> Subject:	Complex conjugate
> It would be a shame if the complex conjugate operation did not make it
> into MathML.  Although it may be getting close to the boundary of the
> level
> of mathematics that MathML wants to represent, I think it is still
> within
> the level.  It is certainly no more sophisticated than partial
> derivatives.
> One usage that immediately comes to mind is in quantum mechanics where
> the probability function is defined as:
> <math>
>   <declare type="fn">
>     <ci>P</ci>
>     <apply>
>       <times/>
>       <apply>
>         <conj/>
>         <ci>&Psi;</ci>
>       <apply>
>       <ci>&Psi;</ci>
>     </apply>
>   </declare>
> </math>
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