Reminder: MathML meeting on Thursday

 We meet at our standard time on Thursday: 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 7pm
Central European Time.

The regulars for this group should have the meeting details in their
calendars. For everyone else, the details can be found on the members-only
W3C Math WG calendar

1. Announcements/Updates/Progress reports
     DG interop request
     DC spec updates
2. Core concept list updates
   a) can say "sine x" or "sine of x". This means that the trig functions
can be both prefix and infix. Do we really want to duplicate the 24 entries
as is done for "transpose?
   b) Other additions to the list?
       i. Deyan's original spreadsheet
       ii. David F's wish list
       iii. Deyan's Physics list
<> and Chemistry
list <>
       iv: Neil's MathCAT intent list and MathPlayer's rules list (subject
area inferences <>, units
    Note: I want to leave 10 - 15 minutes to discuss the final item, so we
might not get through all the lists
3. Revisiting unresolved differentiation issue (473)

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