Minutes: MathML meeting 16, Nov 2023


   - Neil Soiffer
   - David Carlisle
   - Deyan Ginev
   - Sam Dooley
   - Bert Bos
   - Murray Sargent
   - Dennis Müller
   - David Farmer
   - Bruce Miller
   - Cary Supalo


   - Louis Maher

Announcements/Updates/Progress reports


   Reminder: make sure your AC rep has appointed you and you have agreed to
   the terms of joining. There are still a few people who haven't done this.

   MathJax 4 and MathML MathJax 4 does not include hidden MathML by
   default. Has some accessibility problems including braille issues.

   No meeting on Nov 23.

Action: MUS to present Unicode math editor with intent (auto and manual)
Intent PR about arity <https://github.com/w3c/mathml/pull/477>

(max 5 minutes) Have we come to an agreement?
Core concept list updates
<https://w3c.github.io/mathml-docs/intent-core-concepts/> starting at 150
Deyan's original spreadsheet

NS: questioned acceptance of ordinal mark intent.

Ordinal mark is out

day-period is out

Action PL: open an issue to discuss whether constants such as r, d, Z and
remove from core list for the moment.

Remove translates-to -- same as maps-to

Discussion on Translation, Rotation, Reflection -- common concept in grade
school geometry but the notation is unclear as to how common it is.

DG: this used be what we called level 2, but now merged with open.

Agreed: leave them out for now.


   - m(angle sign) angle-measure
   - binomial-coefficient
   - magnitude
   - add vector property on table (1 row/column or mrow)
   - add example for vector/matrix concept
   - unit-vector (left off here)

NS: I'll try and go through more of the list and add things I think are

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