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I was part of a virtual STEM accessibility conference for the last two
days. In the wrap up, a few people complained that there isn't a lot of
consistency among AT. Some read one character ok (in MathML) and another
won't read it. I'm not sure whether anyone complained about inconsistency
with the speech other than dropping characters (JAWS seems to drop parens
in many cases where it shouldn't) or speaking something ambiguously. I
volunteered that our group was considering issuing some baseline guidance
to AT as to minimal support they should have and people felt that was a
good idea.

This relates back to defaults. Whether we add something to spec in an
appendix or produce a note, it seems like the AT users at least feel it
would be a good idea to have some minimal baseline all AT should support. I
suspect that it would also be helpful for AT developers so they know "this
is the important part" -- don't skip support for these notations and these


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