Re: FYI: proposed ARIA feature: synonyms

Hi Neil,

Thank you for bringing the aria-labelsynonyms attribute to our attention,
it was the first time I learned of its proposal.

Two notes come to mind:
1.  my "alias" suggestion had the additional benefit of it being a one-time
global annotation (in the Open and possibly Core lists), rather than being
locally generated on every <math> element that may need it.
2. I don't really understand the aesthetics of half-dashed naming schemes.
"aria-label-synonyms" feels much cleaner/legible than "aria-labelsynonyms".
    I assume that is some internal consistency ARIA is maintaining,
considering e.g. "aria-brailleroledescription" suffers the same legibility

For readers not familiar with the "alias" discussion, the issue is at


On Mon, Feb 6, 2023 at 6:50 PM Neil Soiffer <> wrote:

> The ARIA WG is considering adding aria-labelsynonyms
> <>. I won't pretend to understand
> the subtleties. The gist is that for speech-to-text (not text-to-speech),
> adding synonyms makes it more likely that something will be found. There is
> a little bit of an analogy with Deyan's goal of adding aliases for intent
> names. Perhaps others will not feel there is much analogy or maybe someone
> will find a strong similarity. Given the potential similarities, I felt
> people should be aware of it.
>     Neil

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