Reminder: MathML Full meeting on Thursday

We meet at our standard time on Thursday: 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 7pm
Central European Time.

Note that we are all back in sync wrt setting the clocks back.

The meeting details were sent to the W3C members-only "member-math" mailing
list <>
for the group. The regulars for this group should have the meeting details
in their calendars.

1. Announcements/Updates/Progress reports
2. Deyan suggests: Deprecate <none> element
3. Neil's simplified core intent list suggestion (see "Minimal Core" and

Note: there isn't much detail to what I put in the sheet. I hope I can
write something up on Wednesday for a more coherent discussion (and doing
that might cause me to change a few things). But I promised I would have
for this meeting so I put down some thoughts and some open questions in my

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