TPAC registration

Please see

For those planning to pay, early bird registration ends 5 August. You can
freely switch from in-person to remote and vice-versa without a change in
early bird status (i.e., cost). You also can get a full refund at any time
if you change your mind.

If you don't want to pay (e.g., you are only attending a few things),
scroll down a little and there the statement:

> We understand that not everyone can afford the TPAC registration fee for a
> variety of reasons and we do not want any of these to be a barrier to
> participation. For that reason, we make available an unlimited number of
> fee waivers to remote and onsite participants. The fee waiver operates on a
> trust basis, making no checks on eligibility. If you are planning to
> participate in-person or remotely and cannot afford the registration fee,
> please contact to benefit from the fee waiver
> before filling in the registration form.

This is a bit of shaming to discourage people from doing so, but you are
not taking away anyone's ability to use this waiver, so don't feel guilty
saying you want a fee waiver (there supposedly are no questions asked).

Received on Sunday, 31 July 2022 21:37:20 UTC