Re: Reminder: MathML 4 meeting on Thursday

On 14/04/2022 06:35, Neil Soiffer wrote:
We meet at our standard time on Thursday, 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern,7pm Central European Time.

Sorry can't make it today.

The meeting details were sent to the W3C members-only "member-math" mailing list<> for the group. The regulars for this group should have the meeting details in their calendars.

1. Announcements/Updates

2. Go over progress on issues <> from last week
   a) progress on various chapters/appendices
   b) moving clipboard examples (clipboard examples<>)
   c) appendix f for content elements (Section 4.6 Move Pragmatic-to-Strict Transformation to an appendix<>,  Collect content operator element syntax tables<>, and Collect content operator element syntax tables<>)

On this see also  which suggests a different re-arrangement of chapter 4 which is viewable at

3. Continue reviewing the MathML 4 doc<>
  a) Potential presentation MathML items to deprecate in MathML 4<>
  b) Allow intent attribute on content mathml<>


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