Minutes: MathML Full meeting, 7 April

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   - David Carlisle
   - Sam Dooley
   - David Farmer
   - Deyan Ginev
   - Murray Sargent
   - Neil Soiffer
   - Bert Bos
   - Paul Libbrecht
   - Bruce Miller
   - Cary Supalo
   - Louis Maher
   - Stephen Watt


LM: talked about "Writage", which is a plug-in for Microsoft Word that can
convert markdown files to and from Microsoft Word format.
Go over progress on issues <https://github.com/w3c/mathml/issues>

a) more formatting tweaks

DC: Showed foldable examples.

NS: Wanted a yellow background for non-core things.

PL: Asked about folding's effect on entanglement.

PL: How do you entangle folded content?

NS: wants the informative notes to have the same structure as the spec.

SW: He is unclear what is allowed in the "mn" specification.

NS: For "mn", roman numerals are allowed.

NS: For "mn" there are comments on hex formats, but there are no comments
on floating point formats.

*ACTION:* SW: should make an issue about this.

SW: Said that we must pay attention to the needs of the color blind.

NS: "AT" cannot detect CSSs styles. He showed an example where the MathML
input was in one color, and the resulting expression was in another color.
The AT did not tell the user what was input and what was output.

DC: How should the AT distinguish input MathML from the resulting output.

*ACTION* NS should play around with CSS to have AT to be able to inform the
user what is input and what is output.

b) progress on various chapters/appendices

NS: made progress on chapter 3.

DC: He removed "mfence" from chapter four and from other places.

NS: We have not said that "mfence" is deprecated. "mfence" is not in core.

NS: discussed rendering MathML not in core.

PL: When people activate JavaScript to render content MathML, should the
system tell you that a polyfill was used to render the expression?

DC Content MathML should not be rendered.

SW: Browsers should be able to show things not in core. Browsers should be
allowed to grow. Perhaps you should have a (turn on JavaScript) button for
noncore issues.

DC: Does content MathML have a default rendering?

DC: You can turn on MathJax to get a rendering.

DC: wants a default rendering for content MathML.

BM: Depending on sample presentations is not where we want to go.

SW: Agrees with BM: we have weak statements about rendering content MathML.
There is no content MathML rendering by browsers unless you convert it to
presentation MathML. WE want to have something that allows parsing of
content MathML. We do need readable output.

SW: We could print out the letters and numbers which make up content MathML
if we do not have any other options.

DC: There is no chance for this to be implemented.

SW: We should think about where this is leading us.

NS: If we want content MathML to render, we must turn it into something.

SD: Look at issue 318 for next week. See
https://samdooley.github.io/mathml/#contm_cops for potential change.

NS: will continue working on chapter 3.

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